What Our Clients Are Saying

"I could not be more pleased with my experience at WellSpring. Scheduling appointments was a breeze, and I was able to get in promptly. My counselor was very kind and understanding and easy to talk to. I feel that my time at WellSpring was extremely valuable, and that I have learned a lot not only about myself, but ways I can recognize thought patterns and work to improve my mental health."


"My counselor was a supportive and professional counselor throughout the entire counseling process. She cared for me holistically and invested in my life during our time together. I would recommend anyone looking for biblical, Christ-Centered counseling to WellSpring!"


"My counselor was phenomenal. I was going through a crisis of marriage, family of origin, and career. He helped me with anger management, anxiety, and just general "mental health" well being. Will highly recommend!"


"My counselor was an answer to prayer because of the way he counseled and mentored me and the truth that he spoke into my life. He was professional and took the time to listen to me and the time to do his homework and research to put together the best plan of attack for my issue. I appreciated how we started and ended the sessions with prayer and how he always kept Jesus as the center of our discussions. I honestly do not know where I would be right now regarding my issue if he hadn't helped me out."


"I had a great experience with WellSpring. My counselor was extremely perceptive and always seemed to ask the right question. I've seen multiple counselors over the past three years and he brought his distinct perspective to the table which helped me process things from my past that I never would have processed otherwise. I give a big thumbs up."


"My counselor was such a blessing in my life. She helped me in my walk with God and with managing my anxiety. She helped me understand myself better and made me feel empowered that I can rewire my brain. She helped me see God differently and his conjunction with CBT. I will always be thankful for her. She touched my life and truly changed it forever."


"I dreaded the idea of going to counseling. After meeting with my counselor, I was more than excited to go to counseling! I looked forward to it every week!! WellSpring Counselors are phenomenal! It’s affordable, so incredibly beneficial and life altering!!"


“After years of secular therapy with little to no progress, I started coming to WellSpring, and I have never experienced so much victory. I am forever grateful for my experience with WellSpring.”


“This has been a great experience for me to help me and my wife deal with a new, complex family dynamic. Our counselor has been great. We love how God knows who we need for our situation.”
“My daughter was very reluctant to meet with a counselor at first, but after meeting this WellSpring Counselor her reservations went away. I was very pleased with the support she gave to my daughter. Thank you for handling everything so kindly and respectfully. A great resource for a teenage girl struggling with body image and transition into high school.”
“Making the first appointment is what led to the changes necessary to improve my life within myself. I am forever grateful God directed my path to WellSpring.”
“My counselor was tremendously helpful in helping me to process unresolved past hurt that had begun to affect my day-to-day life and marriage. I now am able to cope functionally with situations that, before my counseling, would've given me anxiety.”
“My clinician was extremely personable and professional. She offered fantastic insights and asked careful, yet thought provoking questions that often challenged me to see things from a different perspective. I really appreciated her honesty and willingness to do everything she could to be helpful.”
“Our counselor was incredible! We felt very comfortable talking to her from the very beginning. She has an amazing ability to meet people right where they are and give them heartfelt input to help them be successful. She also would start and end each session with prayer knowing that God had the perfect plan for our time together. I feel like she truly cared for us and wanted to see us grow as a couple. She told us early on that we were able to handle each others’ truths and we really were. She isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions when needed because she knows that it will help in the long run. She gave us many tools and tips that have been very helpful in real life situations. We are in such a better place now because of her and look forward to talking to her in the future.”
"My clinician has blessed my life in so many ways! She has a sweet, empathetic spirit that exudes Christ's love. I have learned so much and have gained many tools to cope and retrain my thoughts. Would recommend WellSpring to everyone I know.”
“I am grateful for having a WellSpring counselor. He was easy to talk to, listen very well to what I was going through and helped me strategize my concerns and issues. My counselor helped me see the spiritual side of confronting  long-time issues that I have struggled with for a long time. What a great blessing this experience has been.”
“I felt the Lord working through my counseling experience and firmly believe that WellSpring and my counselor turned around my life. I loved the experience and the learning and how God used this time in my life to make me a better man and Christian than I was before.”